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Atari 2600: Picnic

You are out enjoying a picnic, when suddenly a swarm of flies arrive! You control a fly swatter at the bottom of the screen; your goal in this game is to protect your hamburgers (located on the left and right bottom of the screen) from the attacking flies. When a fly is close enough, it will stick out its tongue to eat the food. If you can swat the fly right when it has its tongue out, it will be knocked out and fall into your fly trap. When all of the flies have been knocked into the trap, you will then need to face a large super fly before the level is complete (be careful, it can eat your food fast!) After knocking out the super fly, you move on to the next round. The game ends when all of your hamburgers have been completely eaten.

Description courtesy of MobyGames via a CC license

Identifier atari_2600_picnic_catch_the_fly_paddle_1982_u.s._games_corporation_tom_sloper_vc2
Mediatype software
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.4.8
Publicdate 2013-12-25 11:21:37
Addeddate 2013-12-25 11:21:37
Emulator a2600
Emulator_ext bin
Controller paddle


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Jason Scott
on 12/25/2013